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De Warmste Week - hosted by the Blend Brothers

For the charity event called “De Warmste Week” and the Dow “MindYourHealth campaign, the PV is happy to organize a (alcoholfree) cocktail workshop which will be hosted by none other than the Blend Brothers!

'Blend' is an ever evolving concept of the brothers Hendrik & Kamiel Buysse. With formal experience in top-gastronomy and music business, they take their backpack on their variety of activities. To have a more closer view of what they are and what drives them, you can take a look at their webpage. In their website you will explore the different kinds of concepts together with examples of their accomplished assignments. There are examples of what they do, what they see, hear, taste, smell and feel on different locations. This is what drives them and this is what makes them 'blend'.


We'll start the workshop with serving everyone the first alcohol free cocktail, so that everyone has something to drink.
We also provide crispy Lebanese bread with aioli of smoked almond, to still your apetite!

We first explain the basics of cocktails after which we present three different (non-alcoholic) cocktails. After having done this and serving, it is possible for the participants to shake, stir or throw their cocktails themselves!

The total of this session will take around 45 minutes.

During the workshop, there is the option to buy their book called "Drinks & Bites" (at a reduced rate) with all their recipes about alcohol (free) cocktails and bites which is a great source of inspiration for the upcoming holidays!

Don't forget; the registration fee will be donated to the charity called "Warme William - GavoorGeluk".
"Warme William - GavoorGeluk" is a charity that wants to prevent depression and suicide by creating a warm society that takes everyone's vulnerability into account, thus blocking the escape route of suicide.

Both this charity and Dow MindYourHealth focus on mental well being.
Healthy food and drinks are both very important for our mental well being, a healthy mind in a healthy body!




Voor meer informatie: http://blend-group.eu/

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